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Network Routing Problems

I’m currently under the impression that most ISPs in the Seattle-Tacoma region do not have direct peering with one-another at all. While this is a small sample of tests, I do find it strikingly odd that almost every single test … Continue reading

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The Battle of the Bandwidths

I’ve been a dedicated Click-Network (Tacoma WA) Cable Internet service subscriber since before I can even remember. A few months ago while attending PAX Prime in Seattle, I received a phone call from home saying that our internet service was … Continue reading

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Old Software Practices – Canon EOS Utility

With the new year comes updating all of the copyright information to 2012. One thing that I do is I have my “Owner” and “Copyright” information set on my Canon EOS 50D camera body. What this does for me is … Continue reading

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SOPA Emergency IP list

A very shocking thing is spreading like wildfire over on Tumblr right now. There is this viral post titled “SOPA Emergency IP list” which list “details” on how to “access” various web sites in the event that SOPA and/or PIPA … Continue reading

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 – First Impressions

First let me say that I’ve been using Lightroom since the early days of version 1.0. Lightroom has been the cornerstone of my photography workflow process since then. I use a wide range of functionality of the application, from metadata … Continue reading

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